• 真北调查


    作者:Cyndi Powell和Jon Taylor

    Triad调查的任务是为弗雷德里克地区机场的一个项目建立一个True North调查控制纪念碑. 这不是一般的调查请求. 三合会里的人最后一次记得为一个调查项目博天堂下载真北是在近25年前.

    三合会为承办商博天堂下载建筑材料测试、检验及勘测服务,协助承办商在腓特列机场进行第III期清除障碍物工程. 该计划的范围包括重新安置下滑斜坡天线和自动天气观测系统。. Relocating the AWOS tower required stakeout and 建设 of a True North monument which is used to align the wind sensor mounted to the tower. The monument was to be established relative to the center of the AWOS tower.

    To establish a True North bearing was essentially a foreign task to our survey staff. 为了解决这个问题, 我们做了大量的研究,研究我们可以采用的方法,以高水平的准确性完成任务.定义真北

    Each region of the earth has a grid system that is used to process survey data. This grid system has a “grid North” coordinate. 到达真北方位, 我们的团队必须确定从“网格北”的会聚偏角,以便所有的经度线将对齐到真北或大地北.

    One of the methods we first explored was based on solar observations. We enjoyed the opportunity to stay up all night turning angles to Polaris, but quickly discovered this method was going to be overly time consuming and costly.


    我们的下一步行动是利用我们与国家大地测量局(NGS)的行业联系和资源。. NGS拥有宝贵的、现成的资源,可以帮助确定真北测量方位的计算. 我们测试了NGS博天堂下载的三种不同的方法,每种方法都得到了相同的结果,这让我们对最终产品有了信心.


    The first method we tested used NGS’s Coordinate Conversion and Transformation Tool (NCAT). 使用NCAT, 我们输入特定于重新定位的AWOS塔的位置数据,结果输出包括AWOS塔的纬向和纵向位置的收敛角. 下一个, we struck ‘grid north’ line from the AWOS tower, turned the convergence angle provided from NCAT, and extended that line to the desired distance.

    Another NGS tool we used was a program entitled FORWARD. 这个程序允许我们输入AWOS塔的纬度和经度,并指定我们需要旅行的大地方位角和距离. The resulting output was the latitude and longitude of the true north monument to be set.


    Using both methods, we obtained identical coordinates for the true north monument.

    作为最后检查, 我们用NCAT和AutoCADD验证了塔和真北纪念碑的坐标具有完全相同的经度.

    With our field data and calculations in place and confirmed, we staked out and installed a 与新搬迁的AWOS塔相关的物理混凝土纪念碑与黄铜板标记真北轴承.


    This was a unique challenge for our survey team. 最后, 我们了解了可用的资源,并开发了一套新的技能,以帮助我们在未来解决这些类型的问题.

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  • Eyes On-Site for Owners and Developers During 新型冠状病毒肺炎


    三合会钻井的航拍照片博天堂下载. recently introduced drone technology to supplement some of our existing service offerings. This includes topographic and aerial surveys and 建设 site documentation. The survey data is incredibly accurate and, 在许多情况下, using drones can be more budget and schedule friendly than field surveying. 另外, during these unprecedented times associated with the 新型冠状病毒肺炎 pandemic, 我们将无人机用于建筑工地文档,对于不能旅行的业主和开发商来说非常有价值. 无人机允许业主和开发商有“眼睛”现场观察他们的项目正在进行的进展.

    Triad is currently employing drones for site documentation of active projects. In compliance with health and safety recommendations related to the 新型冠状病毒肺炎 pandemic, 承包商和开发商正在限制国内旅行,并尽其所能确保他们的工作场所对所有相关人员的安全. 无人机可以帮助承包商和开发商在舒适和安全的家中监控他们的工地进度. 使用无人机的现场文档可以帮助限制亲自访问的频率,促进社交距离,并促进开发商和承包商之间的沟通,以确保工作顺利和安全进行.

    工地文件包括航拍录像和工地或工程的静态照片. These services are customizable to meet the client’s needs. Some clients want site documentation weekly, others bi-wee航拍照片,现场资料k或每月. Drone footage allows the developer or owner to monitor a project’s progress, 识别和预防潜在的安全隐患,并根据收集到的信息调整预算或进度. It allows the developer or owner to have site visibility while social distancing. 除了, 无人机视频很容易与各个团队成员分享,以加强沟通和协调.

    With the current challenges our world is facing in the wake of 新型冠状病毒肺炎, 与所有项目干系人召开施工前会议或每周现场访问是不理想的,或者根本不可行, but we all want these projects to keep moving forward so we can keep our staff employed. 无人机技术可以帮助!


    Industry leader DroneDeploy recently emphasized in their 文章自动化 的重要性 敏捷性 to overcome these challenging times and we at Triad couldn’t agree more.

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  • 安全的关注:



    黑格斯敦办公室QC和调查现场工作人员被选为5月份的安全聚光灯.  黑格斯敦办事处的现场工作人员在这段充满挑战的时期继续在前线工作.  They have continued to show up at essential project sites and complete their assigned work.  他们已经适应了戴口罩, 得到的温度了, 乘坐不同的车辆, 和自我评估自己.


  • Infiltration Best Management Practices (BMPs)


    渗透BMP渗入bmp使用临时的地表或地下储存,让进入的雨水径流渗透到下层土壤中. 渗透bmp的目标是收集建筑后的雨水径流,并允许水扩散, 自然土壤渗透, and allow for positive overflow that discharges excess volume in a non-erosive manner.

    Because 渗透BMPs have a very high runoff volume reduction capability, they typically require less space than other BMPs, which makes them well suited for projects with a relatively small impervious (gravel, 高度压实, 铺)排水区域.

    There are numerous BMPs to choose from for structural and non-structural BMPs. 三合会是有计划的, 设计, and permit 渗透BMPs for your land development project, whether it is required by local regulation or needed due to property restraints. 我们能够通过完成浸润测试和场地评估,提前为您的BMP进行计划. 渗透测试应该在雨季(1月至6月)进行,所以今天就博天堂下载开始计划您的项目.

  • 线性工程路由 & 滑的预防


    By: Ben Campbell, PE and Carol Phillips, Senior Scientist 

    项目的照片为公路和管道等线性项目选择路权(ROW)是项目中一个复杂而重要的部分. Routing linear projects must take into consideration numerous factors including land use, 地主的约束, 缓冲区, 生态 & cultural resources, project size, project type, and method of 建设. Post 建设 slips result in costly and timely permitting, 建设, 和岩土问题. 滑移通常发生在陡峭的斜坡和侧切处,通常是由天气饱和引起的, 破坏水系的饱和, 土壤压实, and vegetation with shallow root systems and poor cover. 一些典型的滑移原因包括:

    1. Construction in poor soil types and fragile slopes
    2. Groundwater pressure acting to destabilize the slope
    3. Loss of vegetation, soil nutrients, and soil structure
    4. Erosion of the toe of a slope by waterbodies
    5. Weakening of a slope through saturation by precipitation
    6. Weakening of a slope due to improper drainage
    7. Deforestation and removal of deep-rooted vegetation
    8. Earthwork that alters the shape of a slope or imposes new loads on a slope
    9. Construction that changes the amount of water that infiltrates the soil

    Triad可以帮助直线项目的ROW选择和路线选择,以减少和避免滑坡易发地区, which may reduce the risk for slips post 建设. Due to the location and nature of our work, geohazards such as poor soils and steep slopes cannot always be avoided. 因为这个, 我们可以识别出具有高风险潜力的区域,并在路由过程中对其进行规划. Our team utilizes our combined knowledge of regional geology, 行计划, 工程设计, 网站恢复, and 建设 oversight to limit the risk of slips on linear projects. We excel at linear project planning and follow through to 建设 completion.

    For more information or to schedule a consultation with one of our professionals, contact Morgantown@www.minervaromay.com or .